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Spirit of Truth Church of God In Christ Historical Highlights 

The Church of God In Christ denomination was established in 1907 by Bishop Charles Harrison Mason in Memphis, Tennessee. 


Spirit of Truth Church of God In Christ was started in September of  2006 in Springdale, Arkansas by Elder Aaron D. Agnew. It was birthed through a prayer meeting held at 402 Crutcher Street in Springdale. 


The service was led by Elder Agnew and his wife Dr. Amalia Agnew, and his sister Patricia McClendon.


Shortly thereafter, a building was rented at 2210 Worth Lane and services were held there. Elder Agnew worked diligently to acquire equipment, materials and supplies to get the church established.


In December 2007, the church relocated to 505 East Emma Avenue and Church services began meeting there. Elder Agnew continued as pastor until August 21, 2008.


Superintendent Everett Rainey became overseer on August 21, 2008 and served until April 4, 2011 when Superintendent James Watson became pastor.

On May 22, 2012, Elder Roy C. Burton and his wife, Sister Nora Burton was appointed as pastor of Spirit of Truth by Bishop Frank J. Anderson.

Spirit of Truth relocated to 1853 Fed-X Drive Springdale in January 2013 and services are presently being held there.

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